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We’re very excited about the upcoming June afternoon in the Courtyard, especially the very talented headline act Luke Jackson.

Luke is Roots singer/songwriter Luke Jackson, a favourite of the summer festival scene, hailed as a rising star of the British folk scene and winner of Fatea’s ‘Male Artist of the Year 2014’.

We asked Luke to let us know what his inspires his song writing and this is what he said!

I seem to always find inspiration when I am not looking for it. If I put myself in a room and intentionally try to write a song, I find it all seems a little forced or faked.

I’ll often just be playing my guitar and stumble over a little riff or chord progression and then will, I guess, analyse the sound and the emotion of it and think about what kind of vocal melody and story would work alongside.
At that point I’ll probably just record down the little idea I came up with and get on with my day.
If I am lucky, something will pop out. I’ll hear someone say something that will catch my ear, I’ll see something or someone who will catch my eye.
Other times it can be something very personal. A song written as a kind of therapy or way to vent an emotion out.
And more commonly than not, it can be a completely made up story. I love writing story songs, and there are only so many things I have done in my life which are worth writing about. So sometimes I sing from the first person, even though it is a completely fictional tale!

There is no right or wrong way to approach songwriting. Even for me it changes every single time, that is why I find it hard to explain the process. However, I love the freedom, graft and craft of songwriting, and especially the feeling of finishing what you believe to be a great song!
To find out more about Luke and to hear some of his wonderful songs visit and make sure you head to Lancaster Castle on Friday 3rd June to see Luke and other local talent including Iona Lane and Youth Orbit.

Luke’s blog

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