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As part of our First Friday artists blogs we are very happy to have a blog by local lass and very talented singer song writer Iona Lane.

Iona will be performing at June afternoon in the Courtyard (Friday 3rd June, get it in your diary!) which will be an afternoon of warm jazz and friendly folk vibes. The line up will consist of local bands with headline act Luke Jackson.

We asked Iona about what inspires her song writing and about her involvement with More Music.

When I get asked about my inspirations, I can often answer it quickly and simply with a list of my favourite artists – the likes of Blair Dunlop, Larkin Poe, Punch Brothers and Steven Wilson to name a few. At face value, it’s a simple question, but when you begin to consider what inspiration really is, you can find it a lot more complex.

Every day I talk to people, I hear stories and I learn new things – in this way, my inspiration, especially for my songwriting, comes more from my own personal, everyday experiences than it does from my idols.

Finding a springboard for this sort of inspiration can be tough, but I find connecting with local musicians and local music can really help, as it fosters this unique sense of shared understanding we have. It’s only really when I tap into this understanding that I feel like I can write a song that I’m happy with and would like to perform. Venues such as The Hothouse (More Music) are amazing at hosting performances from a range of musical genres, at a range of levels too. Back in April I had the pleasure of watching Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman play at The Hothouse, recent winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Duo 2016. And yet, the week prior, I was myself playing at More Music’s end of term Stages Gig. It just goes to show how projects such as these can go a long way in bringing people up into inspiring communities and helping them grow into their best musical selves.

More Music has so much to offer; from their Baybeat Street Band to their Arts Award scheme, and much much more. Everyone should get involved with their work and become part of this community – for me, it’s a great way to feel inspired!


You can find out more about Iona by visiting her website or on Facebook or Twitter.

Iona’s blog

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