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July’s First Friday is edging ever closer and we really can’t wait for the Stop Motion Animation course which will be incredibly fun! The course will be run by Ginny Koppenhol, a very talented local photographer and stop motion animator. We asked Ginny how she first became interested in stop motion animation and what can people expect at the workshop.


I fell in love with stop motion animation after attending a two-day course in my former career. I was an Occupational Therapist working with young people who are experiencing mental health problems, and I learnt that animation is an amazing tool when exploring thoughts and feelings, and telling stories! It’s magical in the way that you can make objects and people move in ways that would be impossible in real life. I started to think about how I could take it to a wider audience and decided to set up my own business. I have been running animation workshops for a year now and every time I learn something new from the people in the group. Each new person brings their own ideas to the session. I am constantly inspired by others’ interpretations and creations.

If you’re coming to the First Friday family workshop I am running, expect to pack a lot into the time. You will try lots of different types of animations in the first half of the session, and realise that it’s not all about plasticine (although plasticine is very fun to work with). You will then be set a creative challenge and work in your teams to create a short story and animate it! You will be encouraged to share your film with others at the end of the session too. The workshop will be fast paced and fun. I will also explain how easy it is to carry on animating at home for those who get the bug.

Animation is very easy to learn but has limitless possibilities. I can’t wait to meet you and see your ideas come to life!


To book a place on the Stop Motion Animation workshop you can ring the Dukes on 01524 598500.

You can find out more about Ginny on her website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Ginny’s blog

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