Morecambe Arts Weekend & The 1st Morecambe People’s Biennial

Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th July, 2024

The Arts Weekend in Morecambe will happen at venues across the town. The main venue is the Winter Gardens (209 Marine Rd W, Morecambe LA4 4BU) for the 4th MORECAMBE BAY ART FAIR where a weekend map will be available.

Map of locations around Morecambe town centre for the Arts weekend

Featuring at the King’s Arms (248-250 Marine Rd E, Morecambe LA4 4BJ) is the first MORECAMBE PEOPLE’S BIENNIAL – sharing the equivalent of a single artist’s funding between 100 creative people in Morecambe. The Morecambe People’s Biennial is looking to help local creative people – involving different groups, making a ground-up arts initiative that provides a model for activity in a post-work society.

The People’s Biennial Director, Anthony Padgett has received funding (as part of Morecambe Artists’ Colony) from Morecambe Town Council to give £2,995 directly to local creative people: whether artists, writers, singers, dancers, film-makers or musicians. He is also receiving just over £1300 from the Lancashire Culture and Sport Fund and donations. After deducting costs of room hire and banners, it means that direct payments of cash of £40 each can be made to 100 artists/creatives. Creatives will need to be 18+ and to show proof of their ID and current residency (e.g. passport and addressed letter) in the area (north of the Lune, West of the A6, South of the Bay and East of the Irish Sea). And, if they want to show their work then they would be very welcome to bring something along, or perform something.

Art Fair/People's Biennial founder Anthony Padgett poses with the Eric Morecambe statue, holding an inflatable picture frame around them both and a £20 note.

Artists/Creatives will need to register upstairs at the Kings Arms on Saturday 6th July from 6pm and will be given a voucher on a first 20 come first 20 served in the 5 categories of visual artist, dancer, musician, writer and film-maker/performer. Different groups will be checked by: visual artists (Robert Lever of Salon Morecambe), writers (Anne Holloway of The Big White Shed), dancers (Chelsey Needham of Your Innersense) and film and theatre makers (Matt Panesh or representative of West End Players). Money will be given to those with a voucher and will require the signing of a receipt. Unused monies will need to be returned to the Council.

Supported by Morecambe Town Council, Lancashire County Council, Morecambe Artists’ Colony, the Salon Morecambe and the West End Playhouse.

A copy of the director’s essay is available here:

Morecambe Arts Weekend & The 1st Morecambe People’s Biennial

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