Ant’s second blog!

We have a First Friday first! Ant who wrote a blog for piece of CAKE has now written a second blog for Echoes of Men, what a busy and talented man he is!

This blog focuses on the development and background of Echoes of Men and is a very interesting read, enjoy!
Developed through the Curious Minds SLiCE programme in partnership with Anne Dyer at Dowdales School in Cumbria – the professional dance work ‘Echoes of Men’ is but one strand of a larger cultural research initiative called Words on War, which aimed to use dance and live performance as tools to improve literacy skills at Key Stages 2 & 3. Working across the curriculum to enhance learning, the programme engaged with primary and secondary schools across Cumbria.

Combined with creative dance workshops delivered by artist Josh Hawkins to spark creative ideas (for the young people and teachers) and a comprehensive six-week scheme of work, Words on War had three core objectives:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of two pieces of war literature through movement investigation, creative tasks and performance
2. Explore movement and composition in reference to Shakespeare’s Henry V and Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est
3. Convey, communicate and compare the meaning and purpose of the texts through kinaesthetic learning and physical exploration

On the 28th of June school groups will travel to Dowdales School in order to perform the work they have created and celebrate their achievements. It is at this event where the piece Echoes of Men will be premiered to young people, teachers and families.

What audiences will see on the 1st of July will be one element of the piece, the other being a dance film used to set the scene at the start of the live work.

About SLiCE (from
A Specialist Leaders in Education (SLiCE) fellowship. The initiative enables middle leaders within Teaching School Alliances to play a key role in increasing access to and raising the standard of cultural education. The leaders form partnerships with cultural organisations to explore the potential for cultural education using a rigorous programme. It can also link to a postgraduate qualification.

Catch ‘Echoes of Men’ in Market Square (or the St Nicolas Arcade if raining) on Friday 1st July at 11am, 2pm & 4pm.



Ant’s second blog!

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