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Market Square is going to be full of exciting performance’s on July’s First Friday including 2 performances of Piece of CAKE at 12pm and 3pm.  This is a performance not to be missed and we’ve asked Ant of Maelstrom Theatre to tell us how the concept was created and a little hint at what to expect on Friday!

On Friday 1st July we (Ant and Sarah of Maelstrom Theatre) will be descending upon the people of Lancaster with ‘Piece of CAKE’, a light-hearted and ridiculous street theatre performance for all ages. We have been asked by the powers that be to write a little blog on how the piece came to be, so here we go….

People in the past have often commented on how stupid and silly (in a funny way) we are when we get together. Like a brother from another mother, or sister from another mister (is that right?), when DOS become UNO (is that Spice Girls?) sparks fly and some kind of magic happens (I see a music trend happening). So like a unicorn galloping to a new born rainbow we thought – let’s make something ace!

Sarah loves baking, no she really LOVES baking – and she is pretty good at it too. I unfortunately do not have the magic pastry touch, with many a soufflé perishing dreadfully and over dramatically in my hands. I also tend to eat ready meals and only buy what I need on the day (which infuriates Sarah btw). Capitalising on this difference, like a bat out of hell on the rhythm of the night to shout, shout and get it all out (hehe) ‘Piece of CAKE’ was born.

Having gone through multiple evolutions over the last year, the CAKE you will see is an extended and developed version full of flour, butter and angry Sarah faces!

Catch us in Market Square (or the St Nicolas Arcade if raining) on Friday 1st July at 12:00pm and 3:00pm.

Maelstrom Theatre’s Blog

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