Kindness – An Open call to Exhibit with King Street Studios


Lancaster’s King Street Studios would like to invite you to submit work for an online exhibition to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday 10th October.

The theme for the day and the exhibition is Kindness.

Submission Deadline is: Friday 2nd October and the exhibition is intended to go live on Friday 9th October, and will stay online until Fri 31st October.

There is no submission fee and for the commission on sales see below.

We realise that the theme might not instantly lend itself as a subject for art and that the deadline is a bit short notice but you may have existing work that might connect and be suitable for the theme? Very often with themed exhibitions, as artists, we have to be creative with the interpretation of a theme: for me, kindness suggests the nature of a gift, a sharing and as such might be reflected by artworks which
suggest the joyfulness of colour, or the pleasure gained from images or objects which reflect a sense of sharing and connectedness; with self, with others and with the world around us. Abstractness, colour and form; expressionistic and impressionistic might all be art forms which may connect with a broad sense of kindness and the feelings an act of kindness might bring to someone. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care are some of the words that are associated with kindness.
Can be in any medium that can be photographed (including photography itself) and be presented online.

Short Statement:
Perhaps a couple of sentences or a paragraph. This could be as much about your feelings and thoughts on the theme as well as about the work you present. The aim here is something that might be personal but that an audience would relate to rather than a very academic art statement.

Submission Details:
• Works don’t need to be framed (particularly as this is difficult at present).
• Up to 3 works can be submitted; diptychs and triptychs count as one submission.
• Works in any medium; video/audio/painting/photography/drawing/print/constructions – if very unusual please ask first, although most will be considered. 
• Works should be for sale; please state selling price – commission 30% on sales; with 15% going to a suitable charity. Please state if the price
includes frame; framing costs can be listed as an extra on the website.
• Jpeg, minimum 1000 pixels for the shortest side at 72dpi.
• If possible, title the image to include your name first, title of work and dimensions (i.e. R Smith Castle 50 x 40cm pen and ink.jpeg). If not, email all relevant details so it is easy to match to the image/file.
• Email statement and words to

KSS reserve the right to select if necessary, particularly if image quality is insufficient; but not intended to be a heavily selective exhibition.

Any queries, please just ask by emailing or calling Roy on 07743238663.

Kindness – An Open call to Exhibit with King Street Studios
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