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The Gregson Community & Arts Centre is currently recruiting for a new freelance post of  ‘Technical and Buildings Lead’. The post is an exciting part of the Gregson Centre’s journey as an important cultural and community hub for our city. The role should make us a better venue and community building all around.

In this role, you will be key in helping us get the foundations of the organisation right so we can achieve our vision. Working freelance with us over a period up to 6 months, you will be a catalyst for change for the Gregson and:

  • Implement processes that empower the organisation’s team to ensure the efficient and effective running of our venue in terms of premises management, compliance, health and safety and develop an effective approach to technical aspects of the building.
  • Lead building projects and oversee key purchases we have to deliver now.
  • Help us plan for the future through scoping capital projects and implementing working groups and assessing long term venue needs.

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Pay:  Day rate of £175 a day. There is a total budget of up to £10,000 for this role.

The Gregson is Lancaster’s oldest community and cultural hub, and one of the oldest community centre’s in the UK. In recent years, the centre has been on an exciting journey and is now both community-owned and community-led.

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‘Technical and Buildings Lead’ wanted at The Gregson Centre