Bonnie’s Blog

We’re very excited to have a blog from Bonnie Craig, a wonderful local artist who has an exhibition at The Radish at Mays First Friday. We will be having more blogs in the future from other Artists/Producers involved in upcoming First Fridays.

Bonnie Craig:

I’m a Lancaster-based visual artist and designer working mainly with pattern and print. I create large-scale pieces, like installations in public spaces, and small-scale pieces, like one-off prints. The work on display at the Radish is a series of geometric screenprints, based on a collection of overlapping triangles that combine and rotate in different ways and in different colourways. A lot of my work is based on creating rules for myself about how different shapes and colours can be used – once I’ve decided what the rules are I play with breaking them occasionally to create more visual interest in the design.

This work is all made using silkscreen printing – a technique that pushes ink through masked off areas of very thin silk to create the image. It’s a lovely way to work, as there’s lots of scope for experimentation and playing with different layers and colours.

The Radish is staying open late for May’s First Friday, and I’ll be there running drop-in pattern workshops to create your own pattern postcards. Come and say hello!

Bonnie’s Blog

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