Taking The Time with Adam York Gregory & Gillian Lees

Taking The Time with Adam York Gregory & Gillian Lees

Gillian Jane Lees & Adam York Gregory are visual artists currently creating a new piece of work called Taking The Time and they need your help! They’re hoping for 1,440 people who consider themselves ‘from’ or ‘of’ Lancaster & Morecambe to join in by answering two questions:

  • What time in the day (or night) holds special significance to you?
  • and why?

To take part simply follow the link below and drop in your time and reason:


“Your first reaction might be that it’s the time you set your alarm for, or the time you get up most mornings, but maybe there are other times too… Does a particular time of the day/ night remind you of someone? or something? Does it remind you of being somewhere specific, in Lancaster & Morecambe, or somewhere else? Is there a time in the day/night that you look forward to… or not? We would like you to consider your relationship with time, and what it means to you specifically. There are no wrong answers!” – Gillian Lees.

From Midday Wednesday 18th December – Midday Thursday 19th December at The Herbarium, over the course of 24 hours, Gillian & Adam will set 1440 wristwatch alarms, one for each of the significant times contributed by members of the public, to create a sonic sculpture that moves between silence and chorus to the rhythms of Lancaster & Morecambe and its residents. Please do head along!

Already some beautiful responses have been received, but they still have a long way to go to reach 1,440 people (one person for each minute in a day), so any help you can offer, or any single person you can encourage to join in would be wonderful! Please take the time to Take the Time and share widely! Thank you.

Taking The Time with Adam York Gregory & Gillian Lees

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