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Here is a really interesting blog by Jenny McCabe and Bonnie Craig about their upcoming exhibition and how they have collaborated together!


Composite: A collaboration between two printmakers

Composite is a collaboration between two Lancaster-based printmakers, Jenny McCabe and Bonnie Craig. We both use screenprinting to create our work, but have very different styles. Jenny shies away from colour and uses scribbly ink lines to draw wildlife, while Bonnie uses bright colours and abstract geometric shape to create pattern.

We used a range of techniques, including drawing, collage, rubbings and photography, to produce a series of experimental screenprints based entirely on imagery taken from Castle Hill.

Ironically, working artists don’t get much time to play with techniques and processes. The collaboration aimed to generate a project where we could work together to challenge each other’s ideas and aesthetic. We approached this exhibition with a clear brief of working together for a short time period within agreed constraints and rules.

The experience of collaboration was challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Setting rules helped to rein in the natural process of creative experimentation, while allowing us to explore each other’s working processes. Working towards a goal of a finished exhibition gave direction and structure.

What’s next?
After enjoying this collaboration, and recognising that the project has only scratched the surface of our collaborative potential, we’re continuing to work together on various projects this year, including a commission for Lancaster BID (Business Improvement District) working with schools to create shop window displays for Light Up Lancaster.

See more of the artists’ individual work at: and


Bonnie and Jenny’s blog

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  • August 5, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    Here is a really interesting blog by Jenny McCabe and \nBonnie Craig about their upcoming exhibition and how they have collaborated .


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