BLAST FEST Returns with 6 new pieces of work commissioned by the Dukes

Following on from last year’s success, the Dukes are back with BLAST FEST, an annual celebration and snapshot of new work created by artists from or with a strong connection to our region. The evening will showcase a range of art forms and presentation styles, drawing inspiration from a varied wealth of subject matter. 

Audiences will see Neverland (Tinker’s Version) by Leo & Hyde in a new electronic musical where Greatest Showman meets Narnia and Sink! By Fi Simpson that looks at how the hit film Titanic (1997) is like becoming a parent in 2020 and the impending climate disaster. 

The Thin Places by Fettle and Bobbins deals with themes of grief, regret, suicide, magic and the seaside, while Zugzwang, a new dance piece by Move Manchester, draws inspiration from the German phrase of the same name signifying a “compulsion to move” and delves into the intricate dynamics of inevitability, force, and the acceptance inherent in both victories and losses.

Lastly, a first for Blast Fest, two artists will be showcasing children’s work, Rocky the Robin by Blue Balloon, aimed at ages 4+ which follows the adventures of Rocky the Robin and Harry the Hare and The Science of Shrinking Students by Jay Walton, a positively bonkers adventure presented entirely in rhyme aimed at ages 10+.

The Dukes Producer, Porl Cooper said:

“As we gear up for our third BLAST FEST of new work, it’s exciting to see that this year’s event diversifies the genres of work we are showcasing. The best part has been seeing our audiences growing year on year, with the people of Lancaster showing unwavering support for work at its earliest stages. With No Risk Pay What You Decide tickets, this is an evening that brings together creativity, passion, and the joy of live theatre!”

Tickets are Pay What You Decide from £0 – £10

Date: 19th April 7.30 pm

Tickets: or call 01524 598500

BLAST FEST Returns with 6 new pieces of work commissioned by the Dukes

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