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“Championing the phenomenal local music scene in the city of Lancaster”

Lancaster Music Festival is an annual festival of music that’s taken place the second week in October since 2009 and is run by Lancaster Music CIC (LM CIC), a cooperative of local musicians, businesses and music based organisations, set up with the purpose of championing the phenomenal local music scene in the city of Lancaster to a wider audience.

Typically, the festival takes place over five days and comprises hundreds of local, national and international artists covering a wide range of genres at around fifty locations in and around the city of Lancaster. The number of attendees has steadily grown year on year with over 70,000 estimated in 2016 with a net benefit of around £2m to the city. Because LMF CIC is not dependent on public funds and is run on a commercial basis the event is relatively immune to variations in UK arts funding.

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