Lancaster Music Festival 1942 Vintage Workshops for Young People

LMF is working with the Lancaster Museum Service on a rewind to 1942 event with Heritage Lottery funding and is programming the Sunday of the festival in Market Square around this .

The date is Oct 16th.

There is an opportunity for 10 young people 14-18 to become involved in the programming and production of the afternoon.

They will:

  • Research the music of 1942 within a workshop.
  • Attend a couple of planning and production workshops.
  • Help book the acts and
  • Hopefully, be there on the day to see the event they have created.

It’s a great opportunity to be involved hands-on in planning and producing an event for any young people interested in this line of work in the future, or simply to attend for fun or as part of a wider scheme
they are working on such as Duke of Edinburgh, NCS or Ranger Guide /Scout.

The commitment is to attend 2 or 3 half-day workshops in July which could be on a weekend or weekday after the term ends. There may be some additional time to be spent confirming acts outside of these hours.

It would also be great if they could attend the actual event on October16th as part of the wider Lancaster Music Festival .

Please get in touch directly with LMF via the contact details below if you wish to be part of this opportunity

Lucy Reynolds, Director, Lancaster Music Festival

Lancaster Music Festival 1942 Vintage Workshops

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