July 27, 2021 – August 22, 2021 all-day Europe/London Timezone
Williamson Park, Lancaster
The Dukes
01524 598500

Poster image for Play in the Park - Grimm's Fairy Tales

Presented by The Dukes and Williamson Park
Written by Andrew Pollard. Directed by Sarah Punshon

Join us on a magical journey through a world of witches, wolves, fairies, and frogs for our 2021 play in the park – Grimm Tales.

Lancaster’s enchanting Williamson Park becomes the spellbinding setting for a fun and fresh adaptation of the Brothers Grimm’s beloved fairy tales, making for a perfect adventure for all the family to enjoy.

The stage is set, the audience are ready, but the actors are nowhere in sight… However, the show must go on! With the park as their backdrop, it falls to some unlikely storytellers to save the day and lead you through all the twists and turns of these famous stories.

Full of catchy songs, fantastic sets, dazzling costumes and playful direction, this laugh out loud story will sprinkle some magic on your summer.

Tue 27 July – Sun 22 August 2021

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Play in the Park-Grimm Tales

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