Save The Date - Annual Gathering 2021

In 2013, the (then) 6 members of the Lancaster Arts Partnership (LAP) came together and created 20:20 Vision a seven-year framework for the arts in Lancaster District. The framework encapsulated the joint vision of LAP, Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council for the next 7 years. It was developed in consultation with the whole local arts community. This included individual artists, producers, professional, amateur, voluntary and community organisations, as well as the bodies tasked with creating the overall economic vision for the area. Every year since then, we have gathered together in an informal way to review progress, discuss the current state of the arts, and look ahead to the next year. In 2020 those 7 years came to an end, but owing to the pandemic we were unable to meet and finally review those 7 years.

So, this year, one year late, we are gathering again to have some fun, network and discuss 20:20 vision and what may follow on from it.

Tuesday, November 23rd at 6.30pm

It’s an evening for anyone involved in the creative/cultural sector in the Lancaster & Morecambe District, an opportunity to join like-minded creatives for an informal evening of entertainment, discussion, networking and planning. Whether you work for a local arts organisation or you are a freelance artist working from home we invite you to join us on Tuesday, Nov 23rd from 6.30pm.

We are acutely aware that many of us are still uncomfortable meeting up in public, so we are proposing to hold the meeting both live at More Music in Morecambe and simultaneously online.

If you’d like to join the gathering, you can register here for either the live event or the online event:

N.B. Registration is not essential but helps us to manage the event and keep you informed with updates.

Save The Date - Annual Gathering 2021